With a growing personal library, Tessa has been commissioned to write over 15 print publications in the last 5 years -- as author, editor and sole content provider to a series of craft books and magazines. 


Working with publishers such as Quintet Publishing (part of the Quarto group) for Barron's Educational series, Apple Press, New Burlington books, as well as Wellfleet Press, Weldon Owen, and Dennis Publishing has seen Tessa's work translated into over 20 languages and sold worldwide.

Tessa's debut book sold 1/4 million copies in the first 4 months, causing her to be listed simultaneously as #1 and #2 in Amazon's Bestselling Craft Book list.


With strong instructional writing skills, Tessa is able to break down projects into logical and easy to follow stages, as well as being able to write engaging editorial pieces. 

Understanding the importance of staying ahead with time-sensitive craft trends, Tessa is always on the look out for the next craze in order to keep her portfolio current and relevant.


2019 see's the launch of Tess's new quarterly magazine, The Amazing World of Unicorns.



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